Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Lists, Tickets and more lists !!

We have our Qantas tickets now, so that was the last thing we had to do. Sea Passes are printed off, and a rather large folder of tour, flight and accomdation documents are all in order and ready to go !! I have been following the Sun Princess and her wonderful voyage, on web cam, and through Cruise Critics, where a fellow is posting amazing web cam photos for us to see along the way (good work Kiwi Cruiser !) and also reading the blogs that are being posted, although I am sure there are a lot less than last year : Having said that, I know how very expensive ship internet time is, and how precious port time is also ! Brisbane is in the middle of a cold wet and miserable spell, but hopefully by Saturday we will see some sunshine back out again. Off to get the final check up and prescriptions from our Doctor, the next two weeks will go by very quickly. Packing can now begin, as we got our suitcases out and some of our gear on the spare bed, all set to load. Hard to believe, we are almost there !! Look out New York...........

Monday, June 18, 2012

Well, g'day to our mates here, and many thanks for coming along I have had some reservations about continuing along with our blog, as we planned (well I planned) to share this wonderful journey with our kids and grandkids, and occasionally my mother and also some of the very best friends money can buy......get ready folks.............

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, here we are with just 4 weeks to go........how the heck did that time go so quickly... I have been following the antics of a couple of people already on the world cruise, and really enjoying their updates, and storing information for when we eventually get to do the whole lot too ! Not looking forward to the long flight to New York, would much rather be getting there by sea ! Not even thinking about packing yet, however I do know we will NOT be carting nearly as much as we did last year, we left Brisbane 4 kilos over limit... OK I guess next time I write here we will have some travel tales to share, I will be posting photos onto facebook as its quicker and easier than here, unless someone can teach this old dog a few more tricks !! Look out Frank, I will be picking your brains in Santa Barbara, and Steve dont sit still for too long on the ship or I will pick your brains too !! Still stressing about leaving our little dog again. Cheers for now