Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brisvegas to New York...for real ?? Get outta here !!!

Day 1 Brisbane to New York
Our flight to Los Angeles was long, but uneventful; we slept a bit of the way. Daniel Taletha and Kailee dropped us off with lots of time to spare, so no nerves for me !
LAX to New York was a whole lot quicker and we began to get very excited about our visit to the City of Angels, the city that never sleeps …our arrival was on time, and we grabbed a yellow cab, and got really lucky with our New York Cabbie, he was such a great bloke, chatted all the way to our hotel, and so informative.
Hotel Wellington gave us an upgrade to a suite……….awesome stuff, we have a large 2 room suite, but the views leave a bit to be desired, oh well I guess they are fine if you love brick walls……….however, as we plan only to sleep and shower here, the view is not an issue for us We have all we need, the air con works well, it is quiet and clean, I will give this a good recommendation on Trip Advisor. The staff were also really friendly.

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