Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday July 22nd 2012 At Sea

Today was all about getting to know our way around the ship, and having a relax after the frantic pace of New York.
It is so lovely to be back on a ship again so soon.

Meet and mingle was at 5 pm in the bar, it was good to meet the people who we had "befriended" for so many months before our cruise.

Monday July 23rd 2012 At Sea
The weather is really getting humid and the sea is like a mill pond. Usual day doing as one does, meeting people having a few bevvys on the pool deck, and our cabin crawl was to be held this afternoon, but apart from Janet, Garry, Gay and Graeme, no one showed (although there was a small lack of detail on my part, which bar ??)

Not to worry we will try again after our meet and mingle luncheon on Saturday, cos I am NOT bringing Tims Tams home with me . We attended the port lecture and enjoyed hearing about this beautiful Caribbean Port of St Thomas which will be our first stop on Wednesday, it looks so georgous.
Warren had his first game of water volleyball, and his team won, while I came and did the fun stuff ie washing.
Tonight is the Captains welcome drinks and formal night, although we are going to be "not too formal"
Princess stuffed up our membership, so we have no platinum till Los Angeles, good on ya, It will be fixed for us when we send some verification paperwork, so as of today still no internet, I will purchase a small package, to keep in touch, and hope to frind free wifi in St Thomas.

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  1. No probs about loosing the Tim Tams....should they make it to LA I know an Aussie bloke who won't knock me back ;0)