Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 6 Monday 16 th July 2012 New York
Fresh fruit on the run for brekkie as we headed to Macys store, to at least be able to say we had been there ! What a huge huge store that is, like our Myer on steroids, and soon to expand to be the largest store in the world, although we think Dubai may have something to better that. No purchases made, just a couple of prices on make up for mum, I really don’t think New York is all that cheap.
Had a walk around a few stores and reboarded our ho ho bus for day 3 of the tour. Headed out to Downtown Tribeca and Chinatown on route to our booking at noon to visit the 9/11 Memorial, we were early so found a nice cool place to sit at Lily O’Brien’s Irish pub (still no VB).
The visit to this memorial to the victims and families of the tragic events at the Twin Towers was very moving, it is both beautiful and so very sad, as you walk around these giant pools and see all the names of the innocent victims. The organisation to enter the area is very well done, and the gardens surrounding where the towers once stood were lush and tranquil. The new Tower One is well under way and will be a fabulous looking building when complete.
Time to go in search of the cruise we had included with our tour, and alas, we jumped off at the wrong spot, so decided on lunch at Seaport Café, Pier 17 on the waterfront. I had a yummy lobster salad sandwich and Warren had the cafes special burger. Great meal in a great location.
Next was trying to decide what to do, if we should try and find this cruise, or just do our own thing, the decision was made to go and walk around Harlem, so we got the ho ho bus back out to Uptown and bailed out at the Harlem Market place, I think the tour guide thought we were a bit cracked in the head. We ventured thorough what was once a ghetto, but now making changes (except for the shop I went into for cold water, it was really feral and I was not taking my eye off Warren for a second, or my bag), but we escaped unscathed !
We found a Costco store and as we had never been to one we thought we would have a look, oh no they want $55 to “join”, so that was a big fat “no deal”. By this stage we were ready for a cool down and cool drink so we jumped in a taxi and got a free taxi ride home using the money I found on the ground, $160..woo hoo for me….happy days.
Back home to get changed and head off to our included visit to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Centre, again the lines to get in were orderly and it didn’t take long at all for it to be our turn to board the lift to the 68 th floor, now I am NOT a fan of lifts, so I was fairly packing my drawers, but I must say the 42 seconds it took to get there were smooth, and I was keeping focussed on the sound and light show in the roof of the lift (at first the lights in the lift dim dramatically, that was a small heart attack moment, but by the time I recovered we were there) I made sure I was last on first off, and the bravery was well rewarded by the SENSATIONAL view of New York at night, over 3 levels and 360 degrees, no pushing for a spot at the windows so we managed to get a few great photos.
Off to dinner by now it is almost 11 pm and we can surely see why this is called the City that never sleeps, people everywhere, dinner was at The Brooklyn Diner highly recommended by one of our great tour guides, and it was an awesome 60s style with flair venue and I had the chicken pot pie, to die for, and recipient of many food awards, rightly so, a tasty homemade style meal just wish I could have fitted it all in, Warren had macaroni cheese, also yummy, real Yankee. tucker for us tonight.
Getting those boxes ticked off.
Tomorrow early start as we head to Penn Station for our train trip to Niagara Falls.
Jackie Over is very excited about her train trip, and will be sporting her new I love New York frock.
Thanks to those who are coming along with us, great to have you along.
Reading a few rather disturbing things about Noro Virus outbreak on the ship, hope they get that under control before it’s our turn to board.


  1. Enjoying your travel stories!

  2. Great blog mate! Looking forward to seeing you in Lalaland in 2 weeks

  3. Great to know I am not up at 3 am making notes to my self, thanks all for your company, excuse spelling errors and lack of manners..its all about the day, its all about the dream, and yes, we are living the dream, and loving every moment of it. Cheers from Niagra Falls

  4. Frank...where are you my mate, not to worry see you son for po poos.......roflmao, wait till I tell Wazza what we are up for.. should I bring the gold medals Norm ?? we have PLENTY..