Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 21 2012 Embarkation day New York City

Great excitement when we woke this morning to realise it was time for our Panama Canal Cruise..woo hoo ..happy days
We left our baggage at the front desk and went for a final look at New York, and as advised by our friend Frank we headed to Grand Central Station, they sure did get that name right, unbelievable, a work of a genius, just so wonderful. Thanks Frank, you never let us down with your sugestions !
So as one does in New York, you go to brekky at an Irish Pub, possibly the very nicest one we have come across, and we have seen a few. Great inexpensive meal, and a yummy bloody mary, huh that’s what I like…
Off trawling the streets one last time, and one more visit to Macys , still not a fan, walked out empty handed again. Back to the Wello to gather our bags and head off to the ship..Yay happy happy days ! I know on the way back we fell into another Irish Pub, but as Wazza is not with me right now, I don’t recall the name, but it was a fine and dandy place for a farewell drink to the Big Apple.
Bags got off we go, embarkation took not too long and we found our very nice stateroom..lol cabin in no time and settled into what would be home for 16 nights, welcome aboard us !! Woo hoo
Sail away was OK, but only a small number of passengers attended, the band was great, the views magnificent, oh and we waved goodbye to the fabulous Statue of Liberty.
Sailaway cocktails were a yummy mango number, I added my bubbles and it was then fantastic
Alright lets go and check out this lovely ship, and yes she may be old, (as I am) but in fine shape (as I am NOT) a very fine ship, and for all the negative reports, you got it WRONG. She sails, her crew are great and yep, I am at sea and loving it.
Happy nanna

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