Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 3 New York, Day 1 Hop on Hop off Tour

A quick brekky was had a Fluffys, just down the road from our place, just OK, we will get a winner soon, although I am not at all hungry, my body clock is a bit haywire ! Hope that keeps up...
A big day out, doing th Downtown tour, taking in sights such as Greenwich Village, Little Italy, China Town, (where we got off for a wander, and looked for a pub, but it was a bit too seedy (even for us) back on the bus through the financial district Wall Street Soho, Grasmercy the Grament Distrioct, such a wonderful blend of cultures and amazing buildings, from the high life to the very sad and run down walk ups !
A marathon walk to try and find the High Line (thanks Marilyn) after a long haul and a pub and lunch stop we found this once upon a time railway track, and rather than pay for the removal, they turned this into a wonderful walking trail for families, it really was worth the trek..we loved it !
We stopped off for lunch at Chelsea, after a walk through the way too busy Chelsea markets.

Cannot believe how hard it is to find a loo in this city of a squillion people, and when you do, man, they are the pits...learned a good tip on our later tour, "go to Starbucks"..
Another trek back to town and we stopped in at West End Bar and Grill for a cool drink...oh by then it was decided to get another round in Molly Wee, where we chatted for a good time with the Irish barman and several locals, great craick was had !
So while we waited for our evening tour we sat and revived at Chevvys, a really fabulous Mexican place, just for a bit of a know how it is, when in New York, mingle !
The night tour was lead by a passionate Brooklyn fellow, gosh he was fantastic, the best guide we have had. Times Square was where we began, there were another guzzillion people, most of the tour covered what we had seen that day, but then we got to cross th Brookly Bridge, a brilliant sight to see, into Brooklyn where we got to see where all the highlights were, including a burger joint where the line was hundreds of people long, and where the "famous" people live or have lived
Loved this tour.
Times Square was crazy crazy tonight, huge crowds waiting to enter the "hot spots" we had a drink at Hard Rock New York, but the wait for a meal was 1 hour or so.
Time to find a quiet spot..ha ha ha ..quiet spots will never happen at an Irish pub..O'Briens fed us a small meal, before we battled the masses and masses of people, as we had been on the road since about 7 am, and it was now 11 pm, we had decided no more crowds, lets go "home" to our lovely quiet and comfy hotel, where I can get rid of these shoes..
Bed after 1.30 pm...the bags under my eyes will be able to carry slabs of VB's for Wazza ...

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