Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wednesday 25th July 2012 St Thomas in the Caribbean
We woke to find we had arrived into St Thomas, the morning was very warm and humid, as you would expect given the part of the world we are in. I rang mum and Daniel, all is well at home, Bonnie is doing well, Kailee is still being a wonderful “surrogate” mum for me.
After the calls were made we headed off the ship and walked along the streets to find mostly everything was still closed, gradually the stores began to open their doors, and explore we did. We walked a fair distance then jumped into a taxi for a 2 hour tour of this beautiful place. The lady who took us on tour was fantastic and a really good driver and as always is a bonus she was born and bred in this part of the world.
We took in some fabulous views and got to see the Allure of the Seas also parked near our ship, what a huge mumma this one is!
We stopped for a while at a café high in the hills, and I had a banana daiquiri, topped with some local rum, it was very nice indeed, almost blew my socks off, the girl who served me was using the rum to clean her hands, as you do !
We finished our tour at Magens Bay, a beach that charges you $4 each for a swim, money well spent, as we really loved this place and swam for a couple of hours, chatting to people here and there, really a fabulous beach.
Time for lunch and couple of rum punches, also with a kick like a mule, no such thing as responsible service of alcohol her, that’s for sure. We sat on the balcony overlooking the water and enjoyed our lunch, soaking in the vibe.
Time to head home, where we had a bit of a kip before another wonderful sail away.
Tonight was Christmas in July and we had dinner in the dining room, it was a lovely meal, fabulous wait staff fussing over us.
A big Christmas party was held up on deck and we partied the night away up there with some of our new friends.

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