Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I lost track now ? 18 th July Niagara Falls

So we are a bit confused as to what day we are up to, and I guess no one really gives a flying fig ! What a fabulous and spectacular day we have had here today. It was hard to drag our selves out of our wonderful room, but adventures have to happen, or the blog would be as boring as bats poop.
Okey dokey off we went after a slow start, we were both a bit worse for wear, so no rush today.
From home we walked to the Incline rail to take us to the beginning of our tour and decided before we start we would have brunch, as one does in Niagara Falls, we got a terrific possy overlooking the Canadian falls and had a delicious meal, prawns and vegie rolls, Wazza had carbonara, both yummo !
Journey behind the falls was the first on our agenda, through lots of little tunnels, and lifts that made me stop breathing for a wee while, the observation portals are 38 meters below the falls, please dont google this fact, as were making a bit of it up, built in 1903, got a fantastic close up look at this creation of Gods that really makes you take stock !
Niagaras fury was next, I was thinking wtf are we doing here watching animated movies, till part 2, wow did that blow us away, we got rained on and snowed on and earthquaked on and our bones were rattled ..what wa great interactive experience...
A shuttle bus transported us to the Maid of The Mist tour, oh how much fun was that, we went so close to the falls you could have touched the rock walls, briliant, come on everyone get over here ! We got wet and laughed like loons, oh by the way Canadian friends, its great to back in Looney and Tooney land, Nola you will soon know what I am talking about ! And your gardens are still the most beautiful I have seen. My heart is so happy to be back in your delightful Country, with your friendly community !
Debbie I am still wearing my World around my neck and touch it a thousand times a day and realise how darn lucky we are. Life IS good.
Time for a bevvy now we thought, so off we trotted to the Mist Bar and refreshed ourselves before we boarded the bus to White Water Walk, oh by the way we met some great people from Western Aussie, and we bumped into them all over the place all day, I think they were stalking us, also some great people from Ohio, Cincinnati (Frank correct my spelling please..)
Deep into the Niagara Great Gorge we went, down another perilous 80 year old lift ( and I survived) to the boardwalk, where we walked and were gobsmacked at the #6 rapids, Lorraine and I would have done fine I am sure, no fear for us girls ! The water was manic, one side mania the other side lovely forest.
Oh bummer gotta get out of here in a lift again, job done and proud of my self.
Tomorrow I will climb the Empire State Building hahahaha I can hear you all laughing ya guts out.
Surely by now it was time for a coolie, so we walked to town via kids mile and had a nice cocktail at Ruby Tuesdays on Clifton Hill, great vibe in this town, hilly as stink, but fantabulous. OK, we need to stock our fridge so our mates from the West pointed us to the only bottlo in town and we got a couple of take aways, again Wazza is coming back here to open up a Wazza Murphys and sell VBs..and cheap bubbles..we will die happy here, someone said we were 4 minutes from home, they must have been talking 4 minutes in a concord, my blisters are getting NO rest, but I am living the dream.
Reservation made for Tony Romas tonight, then sadly we leave here on a flight back to NYC tomorrow.
Lost all my stuff off my phone yesterday, bummer.
Life IS good, and we are LIVING THE to all and thanks for the lovely comments
Cheers from Niagara Falls xx


  1. You seem so very happy and enjoying yourself. Good on you xxxColly

  2. Thanks Colly Wolly, it's larger than life here, and really love what we are seeing, when do you head off on your hols ? Btw Bonnie is doing well, thank Goodness, happy Nanna. Take care, love to you and the family xxxx