Friday, July 20, 2012

Part 2 Niagara to NYC

Ok, lets continue on from the flight, good flight, and under on hour, as all flights should be ! we decided on the air train and Long Island rail to get us back to NYC, its part of the adventure, and only cost us $22.50. Air train took us to Jamiaca , Queens, where we thought we would check out Queens, pretty seedy, but interesting and lo and behold out jumped an Irish Pub, what do you know about that ??? Peter the Irishman has owned the pub for 48 years, and was a true Irish Character, along with his charming daughter ..oh but you dont want to live here he said..LOL.
Couple of rounds later of good old banter we caught the Long Island train back to NYC, Penn Station and walked home to the Wello.
We got a room with a view (as requested) blow me down its on the 25th floor, and the lift is about 358 years old, if this wont kill me nothing will ! The room is fine, not as large as our original one, but we have a walk out balcony where you can hear and smell the vibe of the amazing city we are blessed to be a part of right now.
A snooze was in order, my first arvo nanny nap, then off to dinner in the hotel at the Greek restaurant called Mollivos, lovely meal, crashed out ready for the big Washington DC trip in the morning.
Looking forward to our trip to DC.
Humid nights still but some rain

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