Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday 27th July 2012 – Oranjestad Aruba in the Caribbean

Bright and early start to watch from our balcony as the little tug guided us in through a narrow reef, got our first view of a divi divi tree in the reef.
We docked around about 7 am and all clear to go ashore very soon after. It’s an interesting port, very colourful and with a wonderful blend of architecture, originally Aruba was a Dutch colony, so most of the streets and buildings have a Dutch influence.
We walked a long way through the town streets where vendors were setting up stalls, the usual fare was on offer, zillions of t-shirts and fridge magnets, hats, bags, and every other shop sold jewellery. On our walk past the Renaissance Resort we met some people from Brooklyn who were feeding fish, we watched on and saw some wonderful coloured fish, and crabs galore, after our chat we moseyed on back around to the town area
We flagged a taxi and booked a one hour tour, which was not particularly special, however we covered a fair bit of ground, some of which we would have been happy to miss, after all how many flippin resorts do you need to drive through ??
Our driver was a lovely local lady and was happy to share her local knowledge with us, she took us first to see the California Lighthouse, named after a shipwreck called the California who some 2 years before her demise was in the vicinity of the Titanic, and she was sent a mayday call, however her radio officer was asleep and missed the call, fate is cruel, and it is thought this was a bad luck omen for the California.
Next we drove to Arashi and Melmok Beach and resort areas, where the beaches were very beautiful, Tierra Del Sol Country Club, Palm Beach also gorgeous, then through the resorts (yawn) Eagle Beach and then to Saint Anne’s Church 125 years old, and it was next to a beautiful cemetery where there were row after row of crypts decorated with loads of flowers and ornaments.
Following the coast road we arrived at a Dutch Village in Eagle Beach, by this time, we both felt like we had been drugged, and I was nodding off like an old nanna, oh wait I am an old Nanna, Warren was feeling just a sleepy, warm weather and a comfy car ride, winning combination, and it was not even 9.30 am !
Back we went to Oranjestad, where Warren went and dumped our bags and I had a browse at the sparkly number shops, nice gear here kiddos.. Time to ply Warren with drinks I think.
Mojitos Cantina had free Wi-Fi, and nice cool bevies, so here we sat and refreshed ourselves ready for our next shopping excursion, looking for make up for mum, they didn’t have hers but di have mine, at a good price, sold thank you very much, about quarter or less then AU$.
We trawled the back blocks looking for souvenir’s, managed to grab a few trinkets and a new hat for Warren, so he doesn’t wreck his best VB 35 year old bucket hat, held together by good luck and dirt ! Diamonds International was yelling out to me, so I dragged Wazza in, and after they offered him free beers, the rest is history. I AM worth it..true, so a nice little bit of bling is being made for me, while I run amok in Aruba again.
Mojitos for lunch, we shared a meal and I again went off for some more retail therapy, while Wazza kept the seat warm. Few more trinkets for the kids, and off we went to the beachfront bar called the Paddock, I had a warm glass of wine, so no seconds for moi. By the way finally after all this rotten beer Warren has found a local beer he enjoyed, called Balashi, a local brew, he likes Aruba now hahahahaha.
Time to collect the new bling, it’s very pretty, and I know how lucky I am, spoilt brat in fact, but I AM worth it..true
Upstairs to Hard Rock Café, to have a sentimental cheers for Shazza, blow me down, not a drink to be found, t-shirts and trinkets, but no cool drinks, so down stairs we trundled and had our final drinks at Iguana Joes, where they tried to rip us off, my astute husband was onto them, scoundrels they are.
Trekking off now to get some bottled water to bring back to the ship, Warren assured me there was a supermarket “around the corner”, by now it’s 48 degrees in a water bag, the sun was scorching into my ring and blinding me, next corner he says, yeah sure, we almost walked back to freaking StThomas, no supermarkets here mate. Back tracked to the servo right near the ship and our cold water purchases were made, for all our effort we should have just got it on the ship, but an adventure is an adventure after all. And today was an adventure, albeit an expensive one.
Back on board with an hour to spare before sail away so a swim was in order, we went to the pool with the “nanna” steps, offended a few oldies as we had our drinks with us, so off they snotted/trotted, and we shared the pool with a few really nice people, one a guy who had a stroke at 53, doing the world cruise, he has had it hard, and still does it hard. Times like this we take stock and think we are so blessed to have our good health.
Time for the sail away party up on pool deck, the band was playing some great music, reminded me of Zig Zag on the Radiance, how I enjoyed their music, and the sail out of Aruba was just magnificent.
Drinks and laughs at the pool bar, we meet lovely new people every day, darned if I can remember names, so I have loads of “mates”.
Dinner was casual in the horizon again, then back to the Riviera Bar for more night time laughs and chats. Still haven’t seen a show, not enough hours in the day, sad really. Do I hear words of sympathy from you all ??
Tomorrow is another day at Sea, loving these sea days, time to rest and recover, oh and look at my new bling.
Thanks to those who are following, sorry I don’t reply, it takes me sometimes 10 precious minutes to just get my home page up.
I hope you know I appreciate your company.


  1. Agreed...Caribbean resorts are so over rated!
    Nice Mojito find luvie.....xox
    How many beers did Wazza score in DI?....guessing more than 3

  2. Crikey! I think I've figured out how to leave a comment here. And just in time since we'll be seeing you in Santa Barbara in a week.

    Do you need our phone number? I seem to recall you'd lost all your contacts. If all else fails it's listed under Norm Hoffman.

    You MUST wear the bling. You know how Norm likes shiny objects.

    See you soon, mates.

  3. When you get to Puntarenas -- which has very little to offer -- head left at the end of the pier. There's a nice beer garden all the way at the end of the beach walk. Have an Imperial for me. You know I lived in Costa Rica in the early '60's. Before you were born.

    1. LOL doing Rickys tour tomorrow thanks again to you my friend, bling is on its way..cheers to you both xxx