Friday, July 20, 2012

Washington DC Coach Tour Friday 20th July 2012

Jumped in one of the 68 billion yellow cabs to join our tour to Washington.
The coach was OK, but not Scenic standard, nor was the tour guide although both satisfactory. We departed about 7.15 am and headed through the Lincoln Tunnel, to New Jersey, great excitement as we crossed the bridge and saw the Sun Princess docked at New York, Pier 90, wow, she looked great, OK then its on then to Delaware where we had our first smoko, it is the 2nd smallest state in the US , no tax and lowest IRS in the States. Just a jumbo servo was all we saw. So we ventured south and in a short space of time we were in Maryland State, and the city of Baltimore, travelling on a coach, and not stopping we did not get to see too much along the way, but was interesting none the less.
A tunnel through Susquehana River Blatimore harbour, Baltimore is the largest Eastern seaport.
Our tour guide informed us that New York City was the first capitol then Philydelphia then Washington (not that he was very informative.LOL ) and I am sure my spelling is incorrect,
Washington, here we come, we drove first through the suburban areas, and got a good feel for the housing and industy of the the area, before we hit the big time City
First stop was the Vietman Memorial, where we saw a black marble wall etched with the names of more than 55000 souls killed or missing in action, so very sad to see, what a bloody waste of our countrymen. A lovley memorial, but so senseless that stupid war was, as they all are.
Lincoln monument was next, had to pinch my self was I really here ??? The building was awesome, 36 colums, built for each state back in the day of President Lincoln.
Korean memorial was just unbelivable, such a fabulous creation, a black marble wall with images of soldiers, hard to describe, and a field of soldiers, in a paddock, will post photos, of this as it is brilliant, and very emotional also.
The Washington Spire at 165 meters was another jaw dropping sight, in fact the whole day was pretty much full on with stuff you only ever dream about.
Yep we are lucky, and dont' we know it !!
Loads and loads of photo stops at world famous land marks, and one that will never ever leave my memory bank was to stand in front of the White House, and take a photo...geepers, glad I dont have to clean the bugger, its HUGE and gorgeous, I am sure I have a photo of Obama on the roof, will post that next. The entire city is just wonderful, every landmark outstanding.
Living the dream here in DC..LOL
Lunch stop was at Smithsonian Air and space museum, but not for us, we chose a walk in the park and a beer for Wazza, before the Hell ride home...back at NYC about 9 pm, very long day, walked to say g'day to our ship, she looked splendid in port, and we felt like we would be very welcome ...really very excited to board the ship, and meet our new "mates" and after a week of NYC, enough is, time to move on.
All in all a truly wonderful day, and no matter what happens, always hang on to the fact that you dreams can come true, in good times and bad,
Ours are for sure.

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