Wednesday, July 18, 2012

y 7 17th July 2012 New York to Niagara Falls

Just the morning when I slept beyond 4 am, the alarm woke me at 5.45..bugger !!
A smooth check out of the Wellington Hotel where we have stored our suitcases for our return, and into a taxi to Penn Station, where we were met with mass confusion, and half the population of the USA all waiting to get on a train to someplace other than New York City ! Very daunting, however all turned out to be very simple once we got the general idea, and we were on board the Amtrak train and departing just 2 minutes late. As advised by our Yankee mate Frank, we scrambled to find 2 good window seats on the left had side of the train, for this gem of information I was to utter a “thanks mate” many many times throughout the very delightful and picturesque trip to Niagara.
We travelled a lot of the way with the Hudson River beside us, the scenery was gorgeous, and the towns we passed with little timber cottages proudly flying the Flag of their beloved USA reminded me so much of so many movies I have seen in the past, it felt like being on the set of a movie, a great experience, all in all, so happy we chose to travel by land.
Naturally there has to be a down side, we are surrounded by a league of LOUD nations and noisy kids and in no time at all the dunnies were a shocker. Half the people in the carriage are coughing and spluttering, and lastly the free wifi advertised only works on one carriage (not ours).
Jackie Over has been enjoying the train trip and relaxing with Wazza and having a few beers.
The train has refreshments and a fair range of food on offer.
I would recommend the train up, the journey is wonderful, the dunnies are awful, and scenery and relaxation win over stinky loos. I planned to catch up on some overdue sleep..yeah sure nanna, not on this shift, I was still on a high after last night, I scaled the walls of the biggest building in the world and survived, hey how good am I ???
After clearance by the USA and clearance by the Canadians we hit the road to the Marriot
The view from our room is beyond description, abloodymazing, so gorgeous we stayed put all night just enjoying the spectacle in front of us. Poor Wazza went on a mission to get some take away beers it was a non event, he is coming back here to open up a take away beer shop that sells so we called room service and a trolley with half of Dan Murphys arrived, so funny. The activities for the evening had begun. Niagara Falls, spas, yummy room service dinner, yep, life is good.
The bed was so comfy the room so lovely we slept in till late, and still we just we sit and enjoy this wonderful view.
We are on the 29th floor, and the spray from the Falls is taller than we are. AWESOME to say the least.