Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thursday July 26th, 2012 at Sea (recovery day)

We had a late start after a huge day and night yesterday, and started with brekky in the dining room, always nice to be waited on, and as usual the service was excellent.
Next up was trivia with our new friends from Parkes and Tasmania, both couples are lovely and we enjoy being part of their team, cos they have a brain between them! We scored 13, our friends Joyce & Dieter and their mates are our fierce opponents and they managed to beat us by 1 point, so the challenge is on now ……….. look out for “It’s only a Game”
A swim was next on the agenda, but after changing into my swimmers I thought better of it, and decided I need a rest day, so took block while Wazza went swimming and then had his usual sea day arvo of drinks and water volley ball, large teams, and not organised, but never the less those that play all have fun (except for one who thought he was the lord of the pool bossing and pushing people around), Warren was trying to slam the ball into the back of his head but kept missing, better luck next time.
I caught up with stuff and had another rest, I often wonder how I played so hard once upon a time, age will do that ..sad, LOL
No dressing for dinner tonight we just went to the Horizon buffet and we had a very small dinner and an early night.
I did some work on the blog and had a read, the ship is very quiet after port days, in fact most nights it’s like a floating nursing home, lights out early, tonight we felt like a part of the crowd.
Tomorrow we look forward to seeing Aruba.

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  1. Get in there woman & party hard.....
    Recognize those words?
    You should!
    Love your blog